MTA-ITF is a non-profit making organisation which has been endowed by, in line with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the KFKI Computer Systems Corporation in 1992.

The Foundation is supervised by the Board of Founders. The Board comprises representatives of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), the National Committee for Technological Development (OMFB) as well as the KFKI Computer Systems Corp.

The activities of the Foundation are managed by the Director of the Foundation who employs full-time IT professionals with wide experience and reputation in information system engineering, strategic planning, business analysis, project management and on other informatics and information technology related fields.

The mission of the Foundation is to advance the Hungarian IT industry in order to make it more conform to the European requirements. In the framework of this primary objective, the Foundation

1. promotes the adoption and maintenance of IT standards in Hungary;

2. builds up and maintains international relationships and cooperations;

3. carries out and sponsors research and development to identify critical areas, and to explore the feasibility of introducing promising new technological achievements in Hungary;

4. helps improve quality in information systems;

5. disseminates up-to-date knowledge and information through education, training and publishing.

In order to carry out the above main activities as well as to maintain the necessary operating conditions, the MTA Information Technology Foundation is legally allowed to undertake contractual works.